Dream Girls – Tears Should Also Be Beautiful

Well, that was fast.

Taiwan’s new girl group Dream Girls has released their second single Tears Should Also Be Beautiful (流淚也要美).

The song continues the group’s trend by getting famous Taiwanese songwriter Yao Ruo Long (姚若龍), who’s been writing lyrics since the late 80s for the likes of Jeanette Wang (王芷蕾), the late Anita Mui, Emi Lee (李明依), Michelle Pan (潘越雲) and throughout the 90s and into the new millennium for the likes of Rene Liu, Jolin Tsai, Stefanie Sun, Elva Hsiao, Fish Leong, S.H.E., Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Joey Yung, Show Luo, Laure Shang, JJ Lin, Jing Chang, and a lot more.

Dream Girls’ concept is that of independent and confident, beautiful women.

The music video for Tears Should Also Be Beautiful was directed by Yingzhi Chen (陳映之), a.k.a. COSMOS. He’s most known for his award-winning music videos for artists like Sodagreen and Elva Hsiao’s video for Let Love Fly [MV].

There’s a lot of thought behind the Dream Girls team.

You can follow COSMOS on his Sina Weibo account. Watch a string of his music videos in Tudou.

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  1. April 9, 2011

    […] artists… and has recently directed this new girl group called Dream Girls and their MV for Tears Should Also Be Beautiful… a song which was written by famous Taiwanese songwriter Yao Ruo Long (姚若龍), who is […]

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