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tofubeats – Asagakurumade Owarukotonai Dance Wo

The limited edition of tofubeats’ second album includes this brand new music video for Asa ga Kuru Made Owaru Koto Nai Dance Wo (朝が来るまで終わる事のないダンスを), which was included in m-flo’s 2012 DJ compilation, Asabon! Enkai.


2NE1 – Scream

Out of all the 2NE1 releases in Japanese, this one makes the most sense. The song is catchy and displays a different side to 2NE1’s edgy personalities.


m-flo – Square One

m-flo has always been telling us a story which each album. They reinvent themselves to present their audience with a new style on each album, so if you’re going to remain an m-flo fan, you need to be able to adapt to the changes.