tofubeats – Asagakurumade Owarukotonai Dance Wo

Japanese singer, record producer and DJ tofubeats has just released his second album (in a major label), following the release of First Album last year. Titled POSITIVE, the album will include collaborations with okadada (オカダダ), Shigeru Kishida (岸田繁) of Quruli, KREVA, Tetsuya Komuro (小室哲哉), Skylar Spence, Tina Tamashiro (玉城ティナ), Dream Ami, and Yoshie Nakano (中納良恵).

The limited edition of the album will include a DVD with the music videos released over the course of tofubeats’ career, which will include this brand new music video for tofubeats’ Asa ga Kuru Made Owaru Koto Nai Dance Wo (朝が来るまで終わる事のないダンスを, The Dance that Never Ends Until the Morning), which was included in m-flo’s 2012 DJ compilation, Asabon! Enkai [Amazon JP].

Director / Edit / Cameraman: Tao Tajima [TANGRAM]
Cameraman: Takayuki Akachi (TANGRAM)
Producer / Driver: Masanobu Nagakura (TANGRAM)
Colorist: Keisuke Fukaishi (TANGRAM)
Title Design: _c_h_a_s_s_ [Twitter]
Special Thanks / Driver: Naoki Shimizu [easeback]

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