music videos/Shonen Knife – Bad Luck Song

Japanese punk queens, Shonen Knife are back again – this time bringing you a little (Bad) Luck.

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trailers/Tetsuya Nakashima’s The World of Kanako Trailer

Lo and behold. ‘Tis a thing of beauty. The first trailer to Tetsuya Nakashima’s adaptation of Akio Fukamachi’s novel.

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music videos/Block B – Jackpot

Korean boy band Block B is back with a new clown-inspired circus single that is pure Kpop crack.

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trailers/Takashi Miike’s Over Your Dead Body Trailer

The first trailer for Takashi Miike’s modern version of this 1825 kabuki horror play on murder and vengeance.

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music videos/Leah Dou – My Days

Faye Wong’s daughter, Leah Dou, releases a simple black and white music video directed by Heather Porcaro titled My Days, following her track released last year.

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    Non-Stop (2014)

    Films/Non-Stop (2014)

    An air marshal with a bad reputation must stop a terrorist in a transatlantic flight who is threatening to kill passengers unless he gets $150M USD transferred into his offshore account. Is it a passenger, a crew member, one of the pilots?

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    Ernest & Celestine

    Films/Ernest & Celestine

    A small dreamer mouse who loves to draw develops an unusual friendship with a simpleton bear who has to offer more than he’s willing to let on.

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    Philomena (2013)

    Films/Philomena (2013)

    The life search of a mother and a son in search of each other.

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    NeverEnding Story, The

    Films/NeverEnding Story, The

    The NeverEnding Story is a story to celebrate imagination, as we follow the young warrior Atreyu in his search to safe The Empress and the land of Fantasia with the help of a young boy named Bastian.

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    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Films/Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie since The Avengers.

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    Dallas Buyers Club

    Films/Dallas Buyers Club

    Dallas Buyers Club showcases really great performances from its cast, especially Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey.

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    Moondram Pirai / Sadma

    Films/Moondram Pirai / Sadma

    Kamal Hassan and Sridevi give performances for the ages playing a man and a woman who has lost her adult memory.

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    Gulaab Gang

    Films/Gulaab Gang

    Pink-sari-clad vigilante Rajjo will cross the path of politician Sumitra Devi, who will seize the opportunity to raise her public image… or completely destroy her.

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    Hasee Toh Phasee

    Films/Hasee Toh Phasee

    On the week of his wedding, Karishma introduces Nikhil to the black sheep of the family, the attention-deficit pill-popping Mandarin-speaking chemical engineer Meeta.

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    Fanaa (Indian Film)

    Films/Fanaa (Indian Film)

    A blind woman falls for a man that isn’t who he says he is.

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    Hawk House – A Little More Elbow Room

    Music/Hawk House – A Little More Elbow Room

    One of 2013′s most impressive mixtapes came from Merry Olde England.

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    Crying Nut – Flaming Nuts

    Music/Crying Nut – Flaming Nuts

    In their first full-length studio album in four years, Crying Nut returns with one firey album.

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    Kim Jaejoong – WWW

    Music/Kim Jaejoong – WWW

    Love him or hate him, with his first full-length album, Kim Jaejoong has proven himself a hero of the South Korean music industry.

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    True Detective – Season 1

    TV/True Detective – Season 1

    This high production take on procedural mystery is alright (alright, alright) if you don’t fall far down the spiral of hype.

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    Boardwalk Empire – Season 4

    TV/Boardwalk Empire – Season 4

    Season four of the HBO gangster drama brings more challenges and more death for its characters.

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    Orange Is The New Black – Season 1

    TV/Orange Is The New Black – Season 1

    Out of Netflix’s new content, Orange Is the New Black proved to be the most interesting (and entertaining) of them all with its very diverse cast and outstanding storytelling.

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    Samuel R. Delany – Dhalgren

    Books/Samuel R. Delany – Dhalgren

    Dhalgren is wandering and episodic, conveying the drifting atmosphere but unable to deter reader boredom or annoyance during stretches of tedium.

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    Elizabeth Hand – Chip Crockett’s Christmas Carol

    Books/Elizabeth Hand – Chip Crockett’s Christmas Carol

    In time for the holiday season, here’s a novella about a man who doesn’t like Christmas, but must face childhood memories and child-raising realities over the holidays.

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    Mimi Jean Pamfiloff – Accidentally In Love With…A God?

    Books/Mimi Jean Pamfiloff – Accidentally In Love With…A God?

    Emma is your ordinary city girl… except for the god named Guy who talks to her in her head. When he tells her to go to the jungle to release him, she gets more than what she bargained for.

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