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Power Station – Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Taiwanese rock duo Power Station (動力火車) releases their second single, titled Don’t Forget the Fundamentals (莫忘初衷), from their 9th studio album titled Light (光), directed by Jin Zhuo (金卓) and featuring Street Stall Brother (地摊哥).


YAM – Issue 012

Our latest and last issue as a PDF. This marks a new beginning for us, and marks the actual 2-month countdown for the opening of yam-mag.com. In this issue, McNeil from The Dark of the Matinee gives us a look at what was the Toronto Film Festival this year, and gives his thoughts on Let Me In, Black Swan, and Norwegian Wood.


Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

Maroon 5’s new album, Hands All Over, has a very clear sound, more produced and elaborated than their previous work, but still possessing the same energy.


YAM – Issue 001

First issue of YAM!!! Thank you to all who helped, but anyway… you’ll read inside.