YAM – Issue 001

Better late than NEVER, right? It’s a Christmas miracle!! Friend Nate and I (mostly him) worked our butts off… ‘coz he’s got a voodoo doll version of me, and he keeps on poking the eyes~~

Anyway~~~ First issue of YAM!!! Thank you to all who helped, but anyway… you’ll read inside.

Download YAM 001
PDF [1.10Mb]

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  1. redkyaa says:

    twighlight, dear god, it was like pulling teeth while watching it…. and I even read the books.
    I can't even say anything nice about the acting =__= ,,, "låt den rätte komma in" sounds like an interesting watch and if there is an english trans version of the books I'd go for that too.

    Slumdog Millionaire was inspiring to watch, definitely deserved all the awards it recieved ^_^

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