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Experiment Awards: Best of 2014

There are a lot of movie all over the world, some left in distribution limbo, some others left unsubtitled, so this is my attempt at making some sort of comprehensive list of what I thought was great… with some surprises, like last year.


Bjork – black lake

Icelandic songtress and musician extraordinaire Bjork continues giving away with the release of the music video for black lake, directed by Andrew Huang.


Bjork – stonemilker

Bjork has release the music video for stonemilker, directed by Andrew Huang, taking the 360 degrees virtual reality MOMA presentation.


Congress, The (2013)

The Congress, which features once again the “actor/actress playing as himself/herself” card, something seen more frequently in television rather than film. This time, however, Robin Wright happens to be the main act in this partially animated film.