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Circumstance Trailer

Circumstance Trailer

Winner of this year’s Sundance Audience Award Drama, Circumstance tells the story of two well-off and liberated Iranian teenage girls who deal with rebellion, drugs and sexuality.



French indie group The Chase is set to release their debut in May. Their single I Like U is a wacky motion graphic piece predominantly black with white, grays and warm earth colors like red and light brown.


Woodkid – Iron

Woodkid is French music video director Yoann Lemoine, most known for videos such as Moby’s Mistake and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. In his project as Woodkid, Lemoine… sort of changes the camera (not really) to create music.


A Brief History of Title Design

Put together by Ian Albinson, founder of The Art of the Title Sequence, this video presentation was shown for the SXSW Excellence in Title Design competition screening.


Rare Exports

Rare Exports is a Finnish film that follows the excavations of a “sacred” tomb of what some believed to be the original Santa Claus, who instead of giving good kids gifts, punishes naughty ones. Little Pietari, an awkward little boy, is the only inhabitant of the Korvatunturi mountains who suspects what they have unleashed, as supplies begin to get stolen and kids begin to disappear.