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Super Junior-M – Too Perfect

Super Junior is back with a new EP titled 太完美 (Tai Wanmei / Too Perfect or Perfection), out February 25th, 2011. The first single is a little weak on the lyrics side of things, but catchy with above average choreography


S.M. The Ballad – Miss You

S.M. Entertainment gathered some of the best voices they have to create a sub-unit intent on making girls fall in love — and open up their wallets. Think Boyz II Men in Korean.


YAM – Issue 010

On this issue we’ve got reviews for most of the summer blockbuster films, Prince of Persia, Robin Hood, Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, and the likes. We also talk a LOT about music, including Julz Kpop adventures, and a variety of music, including Yuguo and Zhonguo Feng idol Jay Chou. We also talk about television shows beginning with American shows, South Korea’s, Japan’s, and Peru’s.


YAM – Issue 003

This new issue has reviews on the Tokyo! Michel Gondry-related project, as well as Maria Larsson’s Everlasting Moments, Watchmen, and a lot of music… including an article on why international artists need to record music in English~