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Ghost in the Shell

Amongst all this new technology: What makes us human? How do we measure our existence? Ghost in the Shell invites you to ask yourself just that.


How Animation is Made!

Danny Choo over at CultureJapan has made a 15min documentary that shows what goes into making animation over at Production I.G studios (The Sky Crawlers).


YAM – Issue 002

Happy V-day! ~ not that I celebrate or anything, that’s why I bring you a non-Valentine YAM issue. Our second issue, in fact! We’ve kept styles, and we’ve changed a bit of content this time around. More reviews, NO news whatsoever…


Coraline + Other Horrorific Films

Coraline is just another example of the line of great blends between fantasy and horror films. They have it all, art direction, music, a bizarre story, unique characters… they all mix together and seemingly create a brand new world bordering on real life and an alternate world where everything might be possible.