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ULALA SESSION – Beautiful Night

Ulala Session (울랄라세션, Ooh La La Session) releases their first single, Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤), which starts at a boring wedding, featuring actress Park Han-byul, when all of a sudden the atmosphere of the video bursts out the very best style of Footloose.


MBLAQ – It’s War

MBLAQ is set to do a comeback on the Korean music scene with 100% Ver. “It’s War” is the titletrack and the MV for the very dramatic song was released today.


SNSD – The Boys

SNSD are back with their old tricks as they release a very strong title-track, but the rest of their album doesn’t follow it. An album that hardly shows the development of SNSD as a group… but does it matter when you are a die-hard fan?


SNSD – The Boys MV

Many in the Kpop world say they are the queens of the genre, many were excited about this “comeback”. With two versions of the same song (English and Korean), question is if SNSD will be able to really bring the boys out.