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Adako-san has just lost her daughter Emiri, yet she is unable to catch the man who raped and killed her because Emiri’s friends are unable to recall any detail to identify him. Fifteen years later, Emiri’s friends are young women who are still waiting to pay their debt.


Patisserie Coin de Rue

Before you start off watching this movie, head over to your local pastry shop and get an order of your favorite deserts, as you won’t be able to stop salivating as you watch Yu Aoi master the arts of a grade-A patissier.


Tamatama Trailer

The first trailer for Tamatama (たまたま) is available, less than a month away from its October 15th release.


FLOWERS (Japanese Film)

FLOWERS is set in different eras starting with the 1930s, and moving on through the 60s, 70s until our day and age through three generations of women.