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Experiment Awards: Best of 2014

There are a lot of movie all over the world, some left in distribution limbo, some others left unsubtitled, so this is my attempt at making some sort of comprehensive list of what I thought was great… with some surprises, like last year.


Yoji Yamada’s Tokyo Kazoku Trailer

The first trailer for Yoji Yamada’s version of Yasujiro Ozu’s 1953 masterpiece Tokyo Story (東京物語), simply titled Tokyo Family (東京家族, or Tokyo Kazoku), has been released… expanding on the first 10 seconds that were released back in August as a teaser.


About Her Brother

About Her Brother tells the story of the relationship between Ginko and her little brother Tetsuro, who shows up at his niece Koharu’s wedding, where Tetsuro manages to get pissed drunk and embarrass the whole family.


Twilight Samurai, The

The Twilight Samurai is one of those films that reminds me of great Hollywood on-screen epic romances like… you know, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca… but you know – Japanese.