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Rajkahini Trailer with English Subtitles

Srijit Mukherji’s latest film, Rajkahini (রাজকাহিনী), focuses on a group of women who work at a brothel that sits in the splitting line that divided India and Pakistan 69 years ago.


EE – (g)(u)(n)(g)(d)(u)(n)(g)(s)(o)(n)(g)

The Korean “total art performance group”, EE, are back with a new album Esthetic Education. The main single for the album, (g)(u)(n)(g)(d)(u)(n)(g)(s)(o)(n)(g), is a fun and eclectic song and video that probably will be the best thing you experience today.

The Puppet Syndrome Trailer

A man who since childhood has always been fascinated by puppet theater… and a living girl, whom he builds a life-like doll for.


Under Electric Clouds

Set in Russia in the near future, Under Election Clouds offers an episodic, multi-dimensional look at a country suffering from existential and spiritual malaise.


YAM-FanCast: Peru’s Drishyam

I’ve seen the Drishyam story -officially- thrice… unofficially, four times already… so I remade a Peruvian version, fan-cast and all.