Tagged: year: 2010


Toilet (Japanese Film)

Toilets are important in Japan. And who’s better to talk about toilets than Naoko Ogigami’s often dry humor, especially if it’s going to be at the hand of Masako Motai.


Paraiso (Peruvian Film)

In Paraiso, Hector Galvez got together a group of Peruvian kids of the closer outskirts of Lima and told a fictionalized drama that reads a lot like a documentary at times.


Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo

3MSC follows a hot-tempered Marty Stu and an uptight girl who fall in love in the most ridiculous kind of way. Spain’s answer to Twilight meets Nicholas Sparks.


Date Night (2010)

A suburban New Jersey couple’s romantic night out turns into a nightmare when they get into a case of mistaken identity.


The Greatest Love of All… Brit Rock

In this blog entry, Adrienne zeros into how the subject matter of romantic love (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, after all) has been handled lyrically by two ‘great’ (in terms of popularity at least, if not musicality) Brit bands from the 1990s.


JYJ – The Beginning

The Beginning is an album that’s an interesting mixture of lackluster, commendable, and well-composed tracks — a promising, albeit risky, debut that probably needs a few close listens to truly appreciate.