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Seediq Bale

This historical epic — the most expensive Taiwanese movie ever made at $25M USD and directed by Wei Te-Sheng — depicts the Wushe Incident, in which the Taiwanese aborigines rose against the Japanese, killing over 130 of them.


Sorcerer and the White Snake, The

The Sorcerer and the White Snake is a re-telling of the really old and always told story of a White Snake demon who takes the shape of a woman and unnaturally falls in love with a human man.

Seediq Bale 5min. Preview with English Subtitles

Currently in competition at the Venice International Film Festival, Seediq Bale is a Taiwanese historical drama portraying the Wushe Incident, a 1930 Seediq uprising led against the Japanese when Taiwan was still one of its colonies.


Hot Summer Days

It’s the most insufferable summer in East Asia, as the heat wave melts down buildings, people attempt to fry eggs on their cars, and ice cream becomes a commodity.