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Chen Hui Ting – The Lone Watchman

Tizzy Bac’s vocalist Chen Huiting (陳惠婷) had been teasing the release of her second album, Adult World (成人世界), and now she’s released the music video for The Lone Watchman (寂寞守望者).


Tizzy Bac – Dear Baby, Where is my Wing?

Taiwanese band Tizzy Bac is set to re-release their remastered 2003 debut album Anything Can Tempt Me (甚麼事都叫我分心), and they’re promoting the launch with their single Dear Baby, Where is my Wing?


Tizzy Bac – Russian Roulette

Tizzy Bac releases their newest single Russian Roulette (俄羅斯輪盤) with a fun tune and music video directed by Taiwanese MV director Shawn Yu (游紹).