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Girls & Guitars: K-Girls Rocking the Hallyu Wave

Couple this with the rising profile of Korean indie, and the fact female-fronted rock bands have been around for a good few years now, it’s time for a look at if and how such background distortion is inspiring girls in Kpop to break the mold.


The Killers – Here with Me

Following the rule of Actors and Music Videos (sort of) on my list of Ten Music Video Highlights of 2012, The Killers have released their latest music video, Here with Me, directed by Tim Burton, featuring Winona Ryder and Craig Roberts.


Dear, Film Industry; Stop It~

Why do I need to pay over $30 USD for a copy of your movie? And why isn’t a single-disc Blu-ray available for pre-order?


Kaela Kimura – WONDER Volt

Kaela Kimura has just released the music video for WONDER Volt, a song inspired by Disney’s latest Tim Burton collaboration Frankenweenie, which opens in Japan on December 15th.