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I Saw the Devil

A young woman is killed while waiting for a tow truck. When she is later found, all that is left is her head. Her fiancé is a secret agent, her father is a former police chief. They want revenge for her cruel murder, and they go to the extremes to make the monster that did that to her pay. But is revenge the right answer?


I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here is the big mockumentary of the year that was supposed to be kept a secret, but got found out long before it was even done.


October (Peruvian Film)

Shot in the heart of Lima, October follows a peculiar man loaning money to the people in need of it, a lonely woman devoted to her religion, yet longing to be loved by a real man. An old man so in love that he would do anything for it. In all of this, a child is thrown and things start to change.


Stockholm Film Festival 2010

Ten days of films from all around the world, getting to fall in love with more directors and actors, indulging in interesting and heartbreaking stories. Ten days of film-loving, running around trying to watch as many as possible.


Confessions (Japanese Film)

Confessions tells the story of a high school teacher that loses her child. Seeing as she is a very smart woman, she comes to the conclusion that her daughter has been murdered by one of her students.


Silence, The (2010)

The Silence follows the investigation of a girl raped and killed 23 years after a similar crime happened in the same place.


Shelter (2010)

Shelter is a psychological thriller that tells the story of Dr. Cara Jessup, a forensic psychiatrist played reliably by Julianne Moore, who is trying to uncover the mystery of why Adam, her new patient, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has multiple personalities that appear to be only murder victims.


Lights Out (2010)

In the suburbs of Paris in 1992, a 16-year-old teenager named Simon doesn’t show up for class. A few days later another student goes missing. The next day, a third student disappears.


Boy (New Zealand Film)

Boy is the story of Alamein. We follow him in the house he lives in with his grandmother, all of his cousins and his little brother. Boy loves Michael Jackson, the hotter older girl that attends his school and his cool dad that is off somewhere in the world.