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Coriolanus is the classic tale of the general that was banned from the city he shed blood for.


Restless (2011)

Restless is that kind of beautiful movie that always will be in the back of your head. That kind of feel-good movie that you will want to watch when you are feeling a little sad because it will make you cry yet make you feel alright.


Circumstance (2011)

Circumstance is not a family drama, is not political, is not a romance between two girls in impossible circumstances who won’t make it through — it’s all of those.



50/50 isn’t really a comedy, you won’t be leaving the theater saying “ha! ha! that cancer is a hoot! My god, I wish I had cancer” but the film manages to balance drama with a lot of light tension moments.


Stockholm Film Festival 2011

The 22nd edition of the Stockholm Film Festival was all about love. Love for movies, love for art as well as movies about love. Boasting over 170 movies from 44 countries, there was always something to watch for everyone.


Future, The (2011)

If I could get my hyperbole quote of Miranda July’s The Future, it would be “The depressing movie of the year.”



Caterpillar tells the story of Shigeko Kurokawa and how her life is changed after her husband comes home from the second Sino-Japanese War as a mangled man, and it’s up to Shigeko to take care of him as the dutiful wife she is expected to be.


Why I Love Korean Cinema

It’s a week of Korean extravaganza and who better than me to talk about it? *laughs* Well, jokes aside, there is something about Korean cinema that really intrigues me and here is my chance to talk about it!


Sound of Noise

Sound of Noise tells the story of a group of musicians that dream of a world with music that is free and available to all. Then, there’s the cop that hates music because he is tone deaf.