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Aziatix – Ready, Set, Go!

Korean-American group Aziatix are rolling their Olympic spirit with the release of Ready, Set, Go! to encourage and rally all the athletes participating in this year’s summer games — which are about to start this Friday!


Julyssa’s Jukebox – The Eurovision Edition

Europe has Eurovision fever! And I couldn’t care less. Once upon a time, I used to really like and enjoy Eurovision, but now, it’s all so hyped and exaggerated that the fun of it is dead. Very dead.

The Pass It On Experience 0

The Pass It On Experience

Well, I finally got to hear the Adam Tensta one of a kind song. You remember me telling you about it weeks ago? That is how long it took to be able to listen to it.


Contribute to Tiny Stories Volume 2

hitREcords.org, an open-collaborative production company created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is embarking on a new project. Be part of a global happening that aims to share art in a very innovative way.


Be Part of Mimyo’s Left Words

Mimyo is Yongmin Moon, a Korean singer that resides in Paris. For the upcoming release of the video for her single, Left Words, she has started a project in where everybody is welcome to join.