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2011 – 1939 Film Blogathon

YAM Magazine is crashing the Classic Movie Blog Association’s party by unofficially participating in its only-members 1939 Film Blogathon, and hosting every non-CMBA-member post about anything of 1939 worldwide cinema.


Cinemovida’s Silent Fest

Cinema is the tool by excellence to make a narrative out of mere image and sound. That’s why Cinemovida created Silent Fest, a way to showcase the local Puerto Rican film industry talent.


A Brief History of Title Design

Put together by Ian Albinson, founder of The Art of the Title Sequence, this video presentation was shown for the SXSW Excellence in Title Design competition screening.


Kid, The (1921)

Charles Chaplin’s The Kid follows a man and a little kid that have been brought together by fate, when his mother abandons him and he ends up in poor neighborhood living with a tramp.


Asian Americans on American Media

A brief look at Asian-American entertainment, from films to television, the impact they’ve made, and the struggle they faced and are facing in Hollywood nowadays.


YAM – Issue 010

On this issue we’ve got reviews for most of the summer blockbuster films, Prince of Persia, Robin Hood, Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, and the likes. We also talk a LOT about music, including Julz Kpop adventures, and a variety of music, including Yuguo and Zhonguo Feng idol Jay Chou. We also talk about television shows beginning with American shows, South Korea’s, Japan’s, and Peru’s.


YAM – Issue 005

It’s here, it’s here! And on time!

What do we have on this 5th issue?? Yu Aoi cover story, courtesy of Rojo~
Plus, there’s more! A DBSK concert review – live from Japan! Harry Potter 6, Transformers 2, Moon and Public Enemies~ As well as Bibi Zhou, SNSD, Clazziquai and Seo Taiji! And 10 years after The WB’s Popular~~~


Bye-bye, Classic DVDs

A recent article by Macleans.ca titled “Say goodbye to big screen classics” talks about the decreasing number of DVD sales and how it is affecting future releases of classical films.