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Shiina Ringo – Irohanihoheto

Shiina Ringo’s latest single titled Irohanihoheto (いろはにほへと) referring to a pretty old Japanese poem that dates back a thousand years about the concepts of Buddhism, directed by Yuichi Kodama (児玉裕一).


Shiina Ringo – Companion to Freedom

Shiina Ringo has just unleashed her latest single, the music video for the song Companion to Freedom (自由へ道連れ). The song is the theme for Nakai Masahiro’s latest TBS drama Ataru, which also stars Chiaki Kuriyama.


Thy Idols … Thy Inspirations

How does creativity get passed on and programmed into the genes of humans from generation to generation? From Bjork to Shiina Ringo to My Chemical Romance, Adrienne argues for a most “non-traditional” way — and backs it up with some of the most interesting fan-made videos out there.