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S.H.E – Heart Is Still Warm

Taiwanese trio S.H.E is back with their 13th studio album, after their absence since 2010, with a music video for Heart Is Still Warm (心還是熱的), directed by Rong-ji Chang (張榮吉), who directed this year’s Taiwanese film Touch of Light (逆光飛翔).


Hebe Tien – To Hebe

In her debut, just titled To Hebe, S.H.E member Hebe writes a letter to herself about the complicated dealings of love and self-love.


Sodagreen – What is Troubling You

Taiwanese pop folk rock band Sodagreen meets expectations with their 8th studio album titled What is Troubling You, but kind of disappoints at the same time considering the release of their music video last week.


Hebe Tien – Give Me a Better Rival

Hebe Tien’s third single, Give Me a Better Rival (請你給我好一點的情敵), shows her as she looks upon and competes against her lover’s others lovers, whom she deems not worthy to be her rivals.