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Seo Taiji – Christmalo.win MV

Following the release of Sogyeok-dong (소격동), Seo Taiji releases the much awaited Jack Skellington/Pumpkin King inspired music video for Christmalo.win (크리스말로윈,) directed by Zanybros.


IU x Seo Taiji – Sogyeok-dong

The father of modern Kpop Seo Taiji collaborates with IU for the release of the ethereal synth Sogyeok-dong (소격동), a central neighborhood in South Korea, home to a military agency that forced college students to undertake moral education during the 80s.


Seo Taiji Symphony – 3-DVD Disc

In this 3-disc DVD set, Korean musician Seo Taiji gets together with English conductor Tolga Kashif for a crossover musical extravaganza that combines Taiji’s multi-genre repertoire with Kashif’s symphonic expertise to create an explosive performance that stands right next to Metallica’s S&M symphonic rock album.