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Salyu – More

Salyu, credited as salyu x salyu, performing More / Tsuzuki o (続きを), closing song for her upcoming experimental album s(o)un(d) beams.


Salyu – Tadano Tomodachi

The video for the first single of salyu x salyu’s experimental s(o)un(d) beams, Tadano Tomodachi (ただのともだち), is shot on a simple green screen and puts Salyu singing with three other Salyus.


Lily Chou-Chou – Tokyo, Japan 2010

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Shunji Iwai’s masterpiece, All About Lily Chou-Chou, the fictional singer embodied by Salyu performed at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall for 2000 lucky fans on December 15th.


Too Foreign for your Own Good, Sing in English.

The recent release of BoA’s English debut, and Utada Hikaru’s 3rd English release switched on my rant button, and prompted me to search for articles on why non-English artists must release music in the language, and oftentimes ditch their native tongue, to get into their market.


YAM – Issue 003

This new issue has reviews on the Tokyo! Michel Gondry-related project, as well as Maria Larsson’s Everlasting Moments, Watchmen, and a lot of music… including an article on why international artists need to record music in English~