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Going my Home

When his father suffers a stroke, Ryota goes looking for mysterious creatures known as ‘Kuna’.


Ohoku (Japanese Film)

Based on the on-going manga series by Fumi Yoshinaga, Ohoku tells the story of an Edo period alternate universe Japan, in which the male population is stricken by a bizarre disease, which shifts the ratio of men to women to 1:4, turning society upside down and giving the most powerful position in society to a female Shogun.


Paco and the Magical Book

Tetsuya Nakashima’s Paco and the Magical Book tells the story of grumpy old Okunuki (Yakusho) as he enters a board meeting and is sent to a hospital, in which he meets a whole bunch of picturesque characters, including a little girl named Paco who can only retain memories for a day.