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P!nk – Fuckin’ Perfect

Fuckin’ Perfect is the second single to promote Pink’s greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits… So Far!!!. It was directed by Dave Meyers, who’s directed several other Pink music videos including Raise your Glass and Stupid Girls.


Eminem – Recovery

One wonders if Eminem purposely released Relapse to be able to release this. In Recovery, he seems sharper, even if it isn’t on par with some of his previous work.


YAM – Issue 011

We’ve got our very first exclusive! I got a chance to chat with Grammy/Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee Diane Warren. We are also covering a bit on the Lima Film Festival, which just wrapped up their 14th edition. Plus reviews for some of the very best of the blockbuster season in America… and a surprise review for Aftershocks.