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Skyfall is the best of the “Daniel Craig as James Bond” movies. There, I said it.


Rhys Ford – Dirty Secret

In the sequel to Dirty Kiss, we find Detective Cole McGinnis yet again in the line of fire, as he tries to locate Shin-Cho’s missing father. However, with Jae-min now in the mix there’s much more on the line for Cole than simply trying to stay alive long enough to close this case.


Silent War, The

You’d think The Silent War is a slick spy thriller set in the historical backdrop, and you wouldn’t be wrong because the film IS about spies breaking codes circa 1949 with the backdrop of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.


Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai

A masterless samurai stricken by poverty requests to commit Seppuku, but before he does the deed, he’s told the story of a young samurai who came for the same reason and ended up slashing his stomach for his misdeed.


Dexter – Season 6

An ex-murderer-turned-religious man and a religious nut are the center of attention in this season of Dexter, as Dexter deals with himself, and his sister Debra deals with many things that would turn her world upside down.



Rian Johnson’s third feature is just as great as his previous films and an intelligent, entertaining addition to the sci-fi genre.


Amy Lane – Sidecar (2012)

Sidecar doesn’t need verbose overstatements of appreciation, exaggerated appeals of its brilliance. A story is as simple as love itself, it stands alone and shines on its own merits.


Heleno (2011)

José Henrique Fonseca’s film deals with Heleno de Freitas’ troublesome personality and downfall in the late 40s.


Master, The (2012)

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film is a masterful exploration of two men that features amazing performances from everyone in the cast.