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Cat in Paris, A

In the daytime, Dino catches lizards. At night, Dino becomes The Cat and helps Nico make a living by stealing.


Future, The (2011)

If I could get my hyperbole quote of Miranda July’s The Future, it would be “The depressing movie of the year.”


Dear Lemon Lima

Philip just dumped Vanessa as classes at Nichols high school are about to begin, and preparations are being made for the annual Snowstorm Survivor competition.


Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris proves to be Woody Allen’s finest European picture – full of magic, nostalgia, and plenty of laughs in the city of love.


Super (2010)

Super is a comedy drama about people that pretend to be superheroes, that never becomes a superhero movie.


Submarine (2011)

Submarine’s set in the same era lampooned in Darkplace, that of the 80s, complete with mullets and VHS throwbacks. But the comedy here is of a gentle, wry nature, unconcerned with mockery, and really the film could be set anywhere between the 1960s and now thanks to its wonderfully timeless feel.


Keizoku 2: SPEC

Keizoku 2 follows two detectives, ill-suited to each other with the uptight and uncommunicative Sebumi clashing with the slobbish genius Toma, trying to track down criminals with supernatural abilities.