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Middle, The – Season 1-3

The Middle currently stands out not only because it’s funny, but it’s also one of the few shows that showcases and depicts low/middle class people to a tee.


Nosotros Los Nobles

Los Nobles, a high society Mexican family of three spoiled young adults and their father’s machinations to pretend their company have gone bust and are on the run just to set them straight.



Gippi is an light-hearted story about a young girl who learns to love herself and love her life – even if neither of them are perfect.


12 Years A Slave

Steve McQueen’s film deserves as much praise and discussion as it does cricism for serving as a brilliant and harrowing depiction of Northup’s years of enslavement bleeding together as he loses track of his past


Black (Indian Film)

Black is Bhansali’s Indian re-imagining of the Helen Keller story — in here, we follow Michelle McNally as she narrates the story of her life as a deaf and blind girl and the relationship with her teacher.


In A World

Lake Bell has established herself as a genuinely smart and funny voice for women in comedy with her feature directorial debut.