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Hana & Alice

Hana and Alice are best friends, but what happens when growing up and falling in love gets in the way?


Like Someone in Love (2012)

Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami continues sharing his personal vision on modern urban dramas, this time he turned to Japan to tell the story of Akiko, a sociology student who works as a prostitute in Tokyo.


Paraiso (Peruvian Film)

In Paraiso, Hector Galvez got together a group of Peruvian kids of the closer outskirts of Lima and told a fictionalized drama that reads a lot like a documentary at times.


Estrada de Palha (2012)

Hay Road is a Portuguese drama with Western semblance and a political message. Set in the beginning of the 20th century when the monarchy was about to give its place to the republic, it was inspired by David Henry Thoreau’s writings concerning the justice and moral of the State.



Every day, Sayoko walks the riverbank advertising her cat rental services to people who are lonely.


McDull: The Pork of Music

The Chun Tian Hua Hua school is in danger of being closed down, so the Headmaster and his students set to become a famous children’s choir reaching for the stars, which would include a performance at Perfect Andy’s concert.