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Sword Bearer, The

Imagine Wolverine had only one blade. That’s exactly Sasha’s curse (or gift). When emotions run too high, it comes out of his hand and people are killed.


SM Judge (Belgian Film)

SM-rechter is based on the true story of a Belgian judge who was accused of assault and battery against his wife, after she confesses to him that she would like to be dominated and they begin their sado-masochistic relationship.


Two Weddings and a Funeral

Kim Jho Kwang-soo’s feature-length film follows gay doctor Min-soo who gets married to his lesbian friend Hyo-jin to front like a married couple and get his mom off of his back.


Thalía – Habítame Siempre

Habítame Siempre is familiar ground, never bordering on boredom and favoring the comfort (and the maturity) that comes with accepting who you are… showing growth into her musical persona, fitting perfectly into the album despite not being a powerhouse vocalist.