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Exes and Ohs – Season 1

Exes & Ohs is the story of Jennifer, a sort of quirky indie documentary director whose on the rocks relationship comes crashing down and she’s unable to move on a year after the incident.


Glee – Season 2

Season 2 does some of the things that made Glee worth the watch in the past season, but they did some bad things as well.


Candy Rain

Candy Rain is a collection of short pieces that revolve around a group of Taiwanese women who happened to be attracted to women. Neither of the stories deal specifically with the coming out process, important times in our lifespan, or deals with social order.


Linda – Love Presents

Linda Liao’s return to music, after seven years away from it, comes in the form of Love Presents, a ten-track pop album prominently talking about love.


Ana Cristina (Telenovela)

Ana Cristina, the first Peruvian telenovela shot in HD, is about a poor young woman who falls in love with her half-sister’s man.


FLOWERS (Japanese Film)

FLOWERS is set in different eras starting with the 1930s, and moving on through the 60s, 70s until our day and age through three generations of women.


Stefanie Sun – It’s Time

I have to admit that I underestimated Stefanie Sun’s talent. Eleven albums after her debut, she returns with the long awaited It’s Time, four years after Against the Light.


Big Bang – Mini Album Vol. 4

Big Bang released a third version of their fourth mini-album, this time with a few additional songs. When the original edition of this album released I was disappointed…