Tagged: mood: eye-rolling


Lords of Salem, The

Rob Zombie’s attempt to make a film with truly nightmarish qualities fails with a lame narrative and a poor grip on good surrealism.


Oblivion (2013)

Post-apocalyptic Earth-stationed technician, Jack, uncovers the truth about everything he believed to be true.


Pain & Gain

Michael Bay may have finally made a fun and self-aware film, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still stuffed full of tasteless comedy.


Host, The (2013)

Even with a solid concept to work with, Andrew Niccol does nothing to improve Stephenie Meyer’s messy and boring tale of aliens and kissing.


Big C, The – Season 3

Season 3 is all about remission regarding Cathy Jamison’s cancer, but the problem with the remission theme is that it made Season 3 pretty boring to watch.


Evil Dead (2013)

With copious amounts of blood raining down from the sky, Fede Alvarez brings us a new addition to the world that Sam Raimi created over thirty years ago, and boy, is it a great one.


Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo

3MSC follows a hot-tempered Marty Stu and an uptight girl who fall in love in the most ridiculous kind of way. Spain’s answer to Twilight meets Nicholas Sparks.