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Women Play Twice

Onna-tachi wa Nido Asobu, or Women Play Twice, is the film cut from the BeeTV Mobile drama about five different women entwined by a writer with little imagination.


IMMI – Switch

Japanese Electro-Pop is something that isn’t as mainstream as your typical J-Pop, but is rising steadily. If you want to get into it, IMMI is a good way to start. SWITCH is her debut indie album, which sums up her first two singles Klaxon and Cosmic Pink while adding so much more.


Piggy Dolls – Piggy Style

In a world filled with rail thin idols competing with one another to have the best “s-line,” a refreshing new group has debuted in South Korea. Piggy Dolls is a three-member vocal unit that makes most of the girl groups out today sound like singing chipmunks.


Miyavi – What’s my Name?

After the birth of his two beautiful daughters the Neo-Japaneze Samurai Guitarist has made his comeback this year with this spiffy new album What’s My Name?, although Oresama himself would prefer to call it a re-debut album.


Gloria – Ep13-Ep25

In the next 12 episodes of Gloria, the story starts to grow into the crescendo of drama that is essential in all telenovelas! Gloria is slow without being boring, and lacks a lot of the “cheese,” which makes this feel mature.


Sound of Noise

Sound of Noise tells the story of a group of musicians that dream of a world with music that is free and available to all. Then, there’s the cop that hates music because he is tone deaf.


About Her Brother

About Her Brother tells the story of the relationship between Ginko and her little brother Tetsuro, who shows up at his niece Koharu’s wedding, where Tetsuro manages to get pissed drunk and embarrass the whole family.


October (Peruvian Film)

Shot in the heart of Lima, October follows a peculiar man loaning money to the people in need of it, a lonely woman devoted to her religion, yet longing to be loved by a real man. An old man so in love that he would do anything for it. In all of this, a child is thrown and things start to change.