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Sang-soo Hong’s HaHaHa follows the story of Moon-Kyeong, a filmmaker who’s going to Canada, and Jong-Sik, a movie critic — two long-time friends who meet and tell each other about their lives over good food and drinks.


Romantics, The

The Romantics tells the story of a group of college friends who get together for the wedding of their friend Lila. However, tensions arise as Laura also had a thing with the groom.


No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached, previously known as the Friends with Benefits movie or F*ck Buddies, is the story of Emma and Adam, two people that had chance encounters in school, university and post-university, and end up establishing a symbiotic casual sex deal.


Monkey Majik – westview

Monkey Majik’s sixth studio album titled westview comes charged with acoustic catchy pop tunes in six full tracks in English, and the rest in funny Japanese or combining it with English.


Super, Girls!

Super, Girls! is a documentary following a group of girls who are set to audition to get into Super Girl, China’s most popular pop idol-style type of show for girls, where people from different backgrounds try to get onto the show to fulfill their dreams of becoming famous and change their luck.


Last Train Home

The Last Train Home is a documentary that follows the Zhang family during the most tumultuous time of the year in China, Chinese New Year week, where train stations are packed with people from all over the country trying to get back home.


Episodes – Season 1

Episodes is a 7-part British-American satirical sitcom created by David Crane (Friends) and Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You), starring Matt LeBlanc. The show portrays the process of adapting British shows and retooling them for American audiences.


King’s Speech, The

The King’s Speech is a throughly enjoyable movie about King George VI — not yet crowned then — and how he got through his stammering problem with the help of a very unlikely aid… and a lot of work.


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary by mysterious street artist Banksy as he obtains the footage to chronicle the effervescent rise of Thierry Guetta as “street artist” Mr. Brainwash.


Laure Shang – Nightmare

2006 Super Girl winner Laure Shang (Shang Wenjie) releases her fourth album, in which she continues her exploration of electronic pop in English and French, being aptly named the Lady Gaga from China.