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Nina Sky – The Other Side

Nina Sky are now bobbing their new pixie cuts and rolling with the New York indie hip-hop scene. Do they still hold up against their classic grindfest, Move Ya Body?



A woman is working the streets of Akihabara looking for a gig as a “Maid Tour” guide, as her phone rings and meets up with a man, whom she used to know.


Pigeon Detectives, The – Up, Guards and at ‘Em!

Up, Guards and at ‘Em!, the third album by Leeds-based The Pigeon Detectives, is a fairly underwhelming record with no memorable moments to make it worthwhile. With strong competition in the post punk revival/guitar rock scene, The Pigeon Detectives need to step up their game if they want to stay relevant.


13 Assassins

13 Assassins is Takashi Miike’s remake of the 1963 version, that follows a group of samurai that are sent to kill the Shogun’s half-brother.


Human League, The – Credo

Credo, The Human League’s latest release, is a trip back to the days of cheerful synthpop, keytars and ugly haircuts -– the good old 80s. It is a venture back to their comfort zone, a blast from the past with slight notes of contemporary electronica and an upbeat attitude.


Submarine (2011)

Submarine’s set in the same era lampooned in Darkplace, that of the 80s, complete with mullets and VHS throwbacks. But the comedy here is of a gentle, wry nature, unconcerned with mockery, and really the film could be set anywhere between the 1960s and now thanks to its wonderfully timeless feel.


Hangover, The

The Hangover is an American comedy that is about… well, the film’s title speaks for itself. It follows Doug and his best friends Phil, Stu and Alan traveling to Las Vegas for Doug’s bachelor party.



As in many Tollywood films, this one spends a lot of time making you laugh and a lot of time watching people fight. But what makes Brindavanam unique is the dialogue.