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Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty is a well-made effort from Bigelow that lets down some strong actors thanks to Mark Boal’s script that lacks any real semblance of solid character development.


Silver Linings Playbook

While it’s inevitable to label Silver Linings Playbook as a rom-com film, it’s definately more than just a mere rom-com film.


Robyn – Robyn

A tongue-in-cheek self-titled album that’s equal parts unabashed bravado and fearless vulnerability.


Revenants, Les – Season 1

Described as “a French Twin Peaks”, “a LOST-like mystery”, and “the anti-Walking Dead”, this restrained take on zombie drama asks: When the dead rise, what will they want from us?


Michael Chabon – Telegraph Avenue

It’s 2004 in the Temescal district, and a local celebrity has decided that he’ll “return to his roots” by opening another branch of his mega chain entertainment store in the neighborhood. Should Nat and Archy fight the power? Who will help them?


Going my Home

When his father suffers a stroke, Ryota goes looking for mysterious creatures known as ‘Kuna’.


Monsieur Lazhar

A teacher kills herself and gets replaced by a university professor from Algeria living in Canada.