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Taste of Cherry (1997)

Kiarostami’s film about a man contemplating taking his own life and finding someone to bury him is a sadly dull look into a potentially interesting topic.


Tuvalu (German Film)

Tuvalu is an experimental dramedy with romantic undertones following the life of Anton, the caretaker of a decadent bathhouse business, its quirky owners and its customers.


Loneliest Planet, The (2011)

The Loneliest Planet follows a couple — free-spirited Nica and her accommodating boyfriend, Alex — in their dream vacation in the wilderness of Euroasia, Georgia.


Amour (2012)

Haneke takes on his most emotional material to date, but ends up with a film that feels just as cold and distant as the rest.


Samsara (2011)

Ron Fricke delivers another gorgeous documentary that allows us to travel the world and experience new things, even if it is a little preachy sometimes.


Holy Motors

Holy Motors is an absolutely bizarre adventure through the mind of Leos Carax that features a brilliant collection of performances by Lavant and an interesting commentary on cinema and society.