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Miyavi vs Yuksek – Day 1

Miyavi has released his latest single, titled Day 1, a collaboration with French electronic producer Yuksek, as part of Samurai Sessions World Series.


Studio Apartment – Nihon no Uta

Nihon no Uta’s got introductions and interludes that connect the whole album together as if they really were a whole. However, musically, these songs and collaborations couldn’t be more far apart from each other.


Miyavi vs Kreva – Strong

Part of Miyavi’s world collaboration series, Samurai Sessions World Series, the music video for Strong is directed by Masatsugu Nagasoe (長添雅嗣) and shows the Guitar Samurai Miyavi and a drummer in a continuous 360º camera rotation shot that blows your mind.


Miyavi – What’s my Name?

After the birth of his two beautiful daughters the Neo-Japaneze Samurai Guitarist has made his comeback this year with this spiffy new album What’s My Name?, although Oresama himself would prefer to call it a re-debut album.