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Wo Yuan Yi I Do Trailer

Simply titled I Do (我愿意) is a romantic dramedy starring actress Li Bingbing, playing a career woman in contemporary Beijing trying to balance her personal life opposite Sung Honglei.


Chang Shilei – I Would Say to Them

Mainland China singer composer Chang Shilei (常石磊) releases the song I Would Say to Them (对他说我愿意) as part of the upcoming Mainland China romance film, I Do (我愿意)


1911 Revolution

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, as well as the 100th film in Jackie Chan’s filmography, Chan took not only the starring role in this historical drama, but he also co-directed the film, produced it and even did the stunt coordination.


Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Nina and Sophia are two lifelong friends who aren’t speaking to each other any longer, until the day Sophia ends up in a coma and Nina discovers she’s been writing the story of Snow Flower and Lily.

Jackie Chan’s 1911 Revolution Trailer

1911, or Xinhai Revolution (辛亥革命), marks Jackie Chan’s 100th film who also co-directed this historical drama alongside Zhang Li, telling the story of the founding of the Republic of China when Sun Yat-sen’s forces overthrew the Qing Dynasty.


Detective Dee

Detective Dee is called to the scene to solve mysterious deaths due to sudden combustion, before Empress Wu Zetian’s coronation.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Trailer

Based on the 2005 novel of the same name, written by Lisa See, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan tells the story of two women — Lily and Snow Flower — bonded by a relationship of eternal companionship in 19th century China.