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Julyssa and Amy LOVE: Sunny

Our dear editors, Julyssa and Amy, sat down one evening to try and discuss their love for the Korean movie Sunny. They tried to bring up some elements they enjoyed, but in the end they just ended up rambling about it.


YAM Loves: Doona Bae

Her strong character and her work ethic are what make Doona Bae a stand out amongst the vast sea of actors worldwide. She is humble about her beginnings as an actress and continues to shine at what she does without ever giving herself airs of superiority.


Take Care of my Cat

Take Care of my Cat is a movie about friendship, where five girls share a bond full of passion, as they just graduated from high school.


Korean Films: We Aren’t All About Vengeance

Is it wrong to judge a movie’s sentimentalism when it’s actually a cultural thing, whether or not you show your over-dramatic feelings? Is everything supposed to be emotion free to be well regarded “internationally”? Maybe. Maybe we should stop seeing foreign films with our foreign eyes and begin watching their films like they watch them.


Spring Bears Love

Spring Bears Love is a rather atypically typical movie — it has all the elements behind your run of the mill romantic dramedy, but it feels “indie” in its making.


Korean Film Blogathon 2011 Highlights

And so the first Korean Film Blogathon by newkoreancinema.com and cineAWESOME came and went, with bloggers around the world writing about anything Korean Cinema related. A whole week with over 100 entries all about the good, the bad, and the weird — pun intended — of Korean films.


Korean Cinema vs. Korean Television

It’s quite clear (from the movies I’ve seen) that Korean movies are ballsy. They aren’t afraid to be graphic, they aren’t afraid to tell it as it is. They aren’t even afraid to play with taboo issues such as incest and cannibalism. So why aren’t Korean television dramas showing the same artistic freedom?