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Korean Film Blogathon 2011 Highlights

And so the first Korean Film Blogathon by newkoreancinema.com and cineAWESOME came and went, with bloggers around the world writing about anything Korean Cinema related. A whole week with over 100 entries all about the good, the bad, and the weird — pun intended — of Korean films.


Korean Cinema vs. Korean Television

It’s quite clear (from the movies I’ve seen) that Korean movies are ballsy. They aren’t afraid to be graphic, they aren’t afraid to tell it as it is. They aren’t even afraid to play with taboo issues such as incest and cannibalism. So why aren’t Korean television dramas showing the same artistic freedom?


Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne follows two Korean men that used to be lovers as they meet once again by chance.


I’m Jin-Young

I’m Jin-Young follows the story of a little girl, whose name is Jin-Young, who can’t wait to grow up. This feeling of wanting to grow up fast is enhanced when she meets the friend of her mother, Hyun-ji… and falls in “love” with her.


Annyong, Sayonara

Annyong, Sayonara is a documentary following Ms. Heeja Lee, a Korean woman that lost her father when she was only 13 months old, back when her father was drafted by the Japanese army.



A small community of people are lovingly and realistically ensnared in this unique Korean movie. It’s generally touted as Korea’s first “disaster movie,” yet it is so much more than that.


Moss (Korean Film)

Moss is a crime mystery drama based on the internet comic by Tae-Ho Yoon. In it, Hae-Kuk Ryu is visiting a small, secluded village after the passing of his father, whom he is beginning to suspect was murdered by one of the villagers.

My Boyfriend is Type B 1

My Boyfriend is Type B

In this film, the writers take the stereotype that “Type B” men tend to be self-involved, arrogant and general jerks and run with it.


Baby & Me

Where Geun-Suk Jang plays your typical 19-year-old delinquent playboy that one day, while grocery shopping, suddenly has a baby in his cart. The note says that the baby is his and suddenly his playboy days are over.