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The Journey of a Cassie Part Two – The List 10

The Journey of a Cassie Part Two – The List

As much as I’m against Peking orders regarding group acts, I’m going to put any real fangirl bias aside and break it down to musical science — or at least my version therein. Yes, yes. I’m actually going to put the members of DBSK in ascending order from my least to most favourite.

JYJ – Berlin, 2011 1

JYJ – Berlin, 2011

After a long world tour, that included several cities in Asia, the US and one stop in Canada, JYJ closed their tour with two stops in Europe.

Kpop in Europe 71

Kpop in Europe

In where I am a little anxious about the upcoming JYJ concert in Europe, share some of my silly fangirl dreams and bask in the power of the Hallyu.


JYJ – Get Out

JYJ released the MV to Get Out – their second single promoting their new album “In Heaven”.

JYJ – In Heaven 2

JYJ – In Heaven

Korean trio JYJ are back with a second studio album. The pre-orders have already made records and the anticipation for their comeback is high. On the 14th they released the MV to their title-track “In Heaven”.