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No (Chilean Film)

No is an interesting look at some of Chile’s history with some of the coolest production design around.


Silver Linings Playbook

While it’s inevitable to label Silver Linings Playbook as a rom-com film, it’s definately more than just a mere rom-com film.


Sessions, The (2012)

Mark O’Brien was a journalist/poet who was disabled from the neck down due to polio. Already in his 40s, O’Brien decides to no longer be a virgin with the help of a professional sex surrogate.


Tony Manero

Tony Manero is a dark and quiet period drama about a man obsessed with the lead character of Saturday Night Fever.


Death and the Maiden

Polanski’s play adaptation is a tense and well-acted film where the lines between guilt and innocence are blurred beyond belief.


Missing (1982)

Costa-Gavras presents a harrowing look at the events of the military coup in Chile, grounded in an American journalist who goes missing.


Smashed (2012)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead deserves more than just critical acclaim: she should have been an Academy Award nominee by now thanks to Smashed.


ABCs of Death, The

This immense anthology flick provides plenty of laughs and entertaining horror shorts regardless of a few disappointing pieces.