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Sucker Punch OST

Most of the time, films use music to fill in awkward gaps in dialogue, or for random mash-up scenes that are meant to pull on your emotional heart strings. Sucker Punch used the music to tell the story


Sucker Punch

When 20-year-old Baby Doll loses her mother she knows instantly that she has to protect herself and her little sister from their stepfather. But things don’t go as planned: Baby Doll’s sister is dead, she has a gun in her hand and her stepfather winds up committing her to a mental institution.



As in many Tollywood films, this one spends a lot of time making you laugh and a lot of time watching people fight. But what makes Brindavanam unique is the dialogue.


Turn It Up To 11

In essence Turn It Up To 11 is a film about rock and roll, but it also takes on a life of its own as we get involved in the turmoil of making it big in Korea’s rock scene.



A small community of people are lovingly and realistically ensnared in this unique Korean movie. It’s generally touted as Korea’s first “disaster movie,” yet it is so much more than that.


Yankie – Lost in Memories

Stepping out into the spotlight on his own, Yankie of the hip-hop duo TBNY released his first solo album, Lost In Memories. The album boasts an amazing line up of featured artists, high quality production and amazing lyrics.


Piggy Dolls – Piggy Style

In a world filled with rail thin idols competing with one another to have the best “s-line,” a refreshing new group has debuted in South Korea. Piggy Dolls is a three-member vocal unit that makes most of the girl groups out today sound like singing chipmunks.