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Leehom Wang – 12 Zodiacs

Leehom Wang releases his newest single, 12 Zodiacs (十二生肖), directed by Bounce and Leehom himself, with a very special appearance from Jackie Chan for, possibly, his latest film Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖).


1911 Revolution

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, as well as the 100th film in Jackie Chan’s filmography, Chan took not only the starring role in this historical drama, but he also co-directed the film, produced it and even did the stunt coordination.

Jackie Chan’s 1911 Revolution Trailer

1911, or Xinhai Revolution (辛亥革命), marks Jackie Chan’s 100th film who also co-directed this historical drama alongside Zhang Li, telling the story of the founding of the Republic of China when Sun Yat-sen’s forces overthrew the Qing Dynasty.


Kung Fu Panda 2

Po the panda who just got Kung Fu is set to save it against Lord Shen the peacock who wants to rid off it.


Shaolin (2011)

Set during the early days of the Republic of China, when the country was fragmented by foreign powers and warlords fought each other for land dominance, warlord Hou Jie defeats his enemy and manages to mock the monks at the Shaolin temple who tried to intervene.