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Good Night: Interview with Chochukmo

Chochukmo’s guitar-keyboardist Mike Orange answers some questions about the band’s sound, their current activities in Shanghai, what we could expect for their upcoming album and the end of the world!


Epidemic Film Festival 2012: Interviews

YAM Magazine was fortunate enough to drop in on a reception for special guests of the Academy of Art University’s Epidemic Film Festival and snag a few interviews with directors Randal Kleiser, Robert Butler, and actress Millie Perkins.


Interview with Gene Gant

I got the chance to ask Gene Gant, author of The Thunder In His Head, a few questions about his thoughts on gay fiction for young adults, his future plans, and how his characters speak to him.


Interview with James Erich

I got a chance to ask James Erich, author of Seidman, a few questions about his thoughts on young adult fiction, his love of Norse mythology, and his duck-hunting best friend.


Queer Comrades: Interview with Stijn Deklerck

Most of the time, China is a BIG mystery to me. Especially when it comes to modern China and where things are going in terms of LGBT rights… until I ended up finding this website called Queer Comrades.