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Kou Shibasaki – Another World

I have a love/hate relationships with idols. Of course, I love them. I love them when they do what I love them to do. In the case of Kou Shibasaki, I love her when she acts.


Shiina Ringo – Companion to Freedom

Shiina Ringo has just unleashed her latest single, the music video for the song Companion to Freedom (自由へ道連れ). The song is the theme for Nakai Masahiro’s latest TBS drama Ataru, which also stars Chiaki Kuriyama.


Chang Shilei – I Would Say to Them

Mainland China singer composer Chang Shilei (常石磊) releases the song I Would Say to Them (对他说我愿意) as part of the upcoming Mainland China romance film, I Do (我愿意)


SEA Absolute Indie Compilation

As a compilation album, SEA Absolute Indie is value-for-money for sure. Not only does it offer a most up-to-date overview of the indie band music scene in South East Asia through most of the songs therein, it is also a truly informative resource if you are looking out for the “next big thing” in the region.